Information on express buses, route buses and airport buses to Shonai ‘Tsuruoka Sakata and other areas’ Yamagata.



Tsuruoka - a castle town with historical fragrance, embraced by the Three Mountains of Dewa; Sakata - a port town which retains the elegance of the upper culture of Kyoto and Osaka.
Shonai, where both cities are located, is a region full of scenic nature and tourist attractions, and is perfect to enjoy slowly and thoroughly, taking your time. For transportation within the region, convenient yet inexpensive public buses are highly recommended.

Visiting Major Tourist Spots Information on various spots, bus stops, fares from the station, etc.

Visiting Major Tourist Spots Information on various spots, bus stops, fares from the station, etc.

To see historical heritage in Tsuruoka, Kamo Aquarium known for its jellyfish displays, and Yunohama Onsen with ocean-view hot spring baths

Heishindo,Chidokan,Chido Museun, ZempoTemple,Kamo Aquarium, YunohamaOnsen


To visit Shonai Kankou Bussankan where plenty of souvenirs can be found, Hakusan Island with scenic nature and Yura Onsen hot springs, and Atsumi Onsen hot springs in a quaint village

Shonai Tourist Souvenir Center (Shonai Kankou Bussankan),
Yura Onsen,Hakusan Island,
Atsumi Onsen


To visit Mt. Haguro five-story pagoda highlighted by its majestic appearance, and Midagahara marsh at the eighth station of Mt. Gassan with a panoramic view of exquisite beauty

Ootorii,Gyokusen Temple,
Mt.Haguro Five-story Pagoda,
Dewa Sanzan Shrine,
Mt.Gassan Midagahara


To visit Yutagawa Onsen - famous hot springs called “Guest rooms behind the old capital Tsuruoka,” surrounded by bamboo groves and the forest of Japanese apricot, which have been loved by a number of literary people

Yutagawa Onsen,
Yutagawa Onsen Plum Park


To visit Sankyo Soko warehouses and other cultural heritage sites in Sakata city, reminding us of the port town that once reached its height of glory through the Kitamaebune shipping route

Honma Museum of Art,Sanno Club,
Soma-ro,Honma Residence,
Historic Abumiya Residence,
Sankyo Rice Storehouses